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It's time for Haskell...

IMO they're a nice idea in theory but in practice highly recursive code is an absolute pain to debug. Its fine it its confined to a few functions or code paths, but if the entire program is recursive from the ground up due to the language type used then no thanks, I'll steer clear.

Please explain why you think recursive code is a "pain to debug" if you don't even use said languages. Why would you even want to "debug"? Aren't you writing test code?

You may also want to explain what you mean by "recursive from the ground up". Missing the point, are you?

Furthermore someone considering functional programming "niche" must be talking from behind a stack of fanfold paper illuminated by an IBM 80-column terminal. Enjoy your conservatism. Maybe you will bum your code to use less than 20KByte eventually.

People are still faffing around with mutable state in 2015? I blame crap university courses from profs who should be taken out to pasture, retarded management in industry and a "hot shot with C++" culture of the maximum stupid. The wreckage is all around us to admire.

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