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Bug free?

"Syme’s F# is a cross-platform, open-source language that is remarkably bug-free"

Is that supposed to be a sarcastic comment on the quality of MS languages, open source languages, Don Symes ability to write bug free code, or does the author just assume that all compilers are bug ridden disasters and we should just be grateful that they work at all?

On a side note , has F# really set the world alight? Functional languages have been around for decades and are still niche so I think its fair to say they're going to remain niche for the forseable future. IMO they're a nice idea in theory but in practice highly recursive code is an absolute pain to debug. Its fine it its confined to a few functions or code paths, but if the entire program is recursive from the ground up due to the language type used then no thanks, I'll steer clear.

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