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It's the hottest day of the year. So check out John Lewis' Xmas tech range!

Camilla Smythe

I only bothered to check back with the first page...


Haven't they heard of an Astable Multivibrator? A couple Of OC81s and some other bits and pieces and you are on your way.... Apparently, for Audiophiles, it works a bit better with BC108s and quality polypropylene capacitors with resistors from Vishay... as was.

Presumably they can simulate the effect with a Mac, Kool Lighting and 'Blokes who apt-get' in 'White Coats' at 450 billion times the required budget.

Come at me not with your Theramins and KT88s lest I wrap loads of wire around an industrial sized empty cling film cardboard tube and electrocute you with my selected paralleled ECC86s taken from old tellies driving the primary copper tube of a water tank heater.

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