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If you want the ask 'How many dots on the HUD?', you need to compare reaction times with someone being asked 'How many dots on the instrument panel?'.

And this illustrates what a crock of shit this "research" is. In the real world we drive with radios on, passengers in cars, satnavs as distractions, the need to look down to check the speedo. What's the point in doing a test so poor it isn't even a simulation, that doesn't counter for real world variables?

I'm sure somebody will already be spewing their lukewarm tea in outrage, because reduction is normally part of the scientific method, to but to posit that an HUD is dangerous when they haven't allowed for the fact that drivers ALREADY spend too much time being distracted by other things in the car is what real scientists would probably term "a load of old cock".

"Boffins" my arse.

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