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Are you supposed to report being hit?

I got hit coming out of a cave once (caves emit streams of negative ions). It hit the aluminium ladder clipped to my belt and ran down the wetsuit seam and over the rubber boot to ground. It was hammering with rain and the route it took would have been very wet. However, it burn through the seam and into my leg a little and I was deaf in the ear on that side for a few months.

Less than a year later I was unplugging my parents TV aerial when it was hit, so it was only an indirect hit on me this time. I was crouched down at the time and suffered torn leg muscles as they all spasmed at the same time.

I never reported it to the authorities - I didn't know that I should - should I ?

Between the first and second times I was studying electronics and I was particularly efficient at letting the smoke out of CMOS logic chips :-(

BTW I've also broken at least one of most types of bones in the body, including my neck twice. My wife does call me "Disaster Area" for some reason!

Anonymous because I don't want the insurance to find out how lucky I am!

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