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I was thinking the same thing. I'd flood them with change notifications for every little thing I could think of. And if I had to patch 100 switches then I'd make sure that 100 separate notifications would be sent in instead of one saying that all of the switches were patched. It wouldn't be hard to script something. I'm sure the admins would be properly motivated to create one.

I do the same type of thing when I go into a couple of stores that insist on checking backpacks when you leave. I don't go often because of their policy but sometimes I have to. They just like to do a quick glance because all of their merchandise has the magnetic stickers that set off the alarms. But I force them to look everywhere, hold everyone up, and usually in a loud voice say things like "oh that half used pack of cough drops that have obviously been in there for months, do you think I stole those? No, you are going to check everything. You've accused me of stealing from you and I'm going to prove I'm innocent."

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