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KRAKKOOM! SpaceX Falcon supply mission to ISS EXPLODES minutes after launch


"Also, i blame Microsoft. natch ;)"

Auxilliary Navigation Cluster: Oi, boss, you heard what they were loading into the Orbital vehicle earlier?

Master Logic Unit: Concentrate please, Nav, we're not long past max Q and I'd rather you kept your circuits on the job.

Auxilliary Navigation Cluster: But the OVC said it saw the lads securing some Microsoft kit on board!

Master Logic Unit: Please tell me you're shitting me. Orbital, is this true?

Orbital vehicle Control: Afraid so boss. Saw the dodgy logo on the boxes as they came aboard.

Master Logic Unit: Oh FFS, what were they thinking? There's no way I'm letting any of that crap into orbit, do they think we have no self respect? Oh well, I'm afraid it's anomaly time chaps. Been a pleasure and all that. Flight abort XX99, override authority code G33W1ZZ, initiating master self destruct sequence in 5,4,3...

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