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Bloke called Rod struck by lightning for second time

Shane McCarrick


So- if a person has a 1-in-3000 chance of being struck by lightening in their lifetime- their chance of being struck twice is 1-in-9 million- which to me sounds plausible.

As to a random chance of getting hit by lightening of 1-in-700,000 in any given year- if anything it seems pretty high to me.

As for who is maintaining statistics on lightening prone humans- I don't know....... My two younger sisters have been A&E doctors in their time (they both did the GP conversion course as the hours were too nutty in A&E). They both say they don't list Lightening strikes among their injury sources in their report software. So- its entirely possible there may be large cohorts of strikees out there- who have never had their unfortunate affinity for lightening recorded in official channels.

Unless- of course someone somewhere has worked out how to ascribe injuries to lightening- I guess the typical injuries would be a giveaway.

For bonus points- if there is a 10% chance of a lightening strike killing any given person- but a lightening strike messes up your heart and your electrical stimuli to the heart such that a second strike has a 95% chance of killing you- how likely would Rod be to survive the second lightening strike- if he was hit while playing golf with an AED within 4 minutes of his strike position- but his golfing partner not having the number of the clubhouse on speed dial on his phone...........

Sunday mornings need decent crosswords. I haven't bought the papers yet.

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