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Sorry PURE, but

Although I agree with the vision that SSD will replace spinning rusty stuff, we're not there now, nor will be in the near future 3 years based on what's on the horizon.

I work in the storage consulting business - have experience with multiple brands - and have yet to see an SSD array that hits a price point close to spinning or hybrid options.

Some of the technology developments - compression, deduplication, tiered MLC/SLC, etc - alll accomplish the same thing: lowering the cost per GB - and have allowed the price points to get closer to trad storage for SSD arrays, but the ExtremIO, PURE and other SSD options are still being sold (and apparently bought) at a significant premium to market.

Sure, some customers need the outright performance, as well as some customers are wanting to buy into the leading edge technology, but many customers are wasting money on technology they neither need from a performance perspective, nor need from a growth point of view.

Not every application needs a Ferrari: most applications work very well with a 4-door saloon or a bus.

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