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Non-Deduped Flash is as Cheap as SAS

Right now, the Raw $/GB of desktop for consumer-grade, 960GB MLC SSDs is about $0.50/GB, which is about the same as OEM prices for 900GB 10K RPM SAS drives.

These SSDs are not enterprise grade, they target the home PC gamer market. They probably have MTBFs too high for use in storage arrays. But by next year, enterprise grade versions of these will be readily available, and likely at a similar $/GB as this years PC SSDs.

3D MLC NAND is starting to come out now, putting price pressure on standard MLC. Also, standard MLC has benefited from die shrinks and the manufacturing learning curve. The result is all MLC flash is cheaper this year. By next year, it will be cheaper still.

Dedupe will still matter, because it will provide competitive advantage. But it will not be needed for NAND flash to match SAS HDD.

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