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TFA said "it's possible Philae will still be operational to send back data on what happens to the comet's surface when it gets really hot"

and a self-styled idiot wrote: "Philae was not designed to handle direct [continuous] exposure to the sun for extended periods of time"

I still don't get this. Perihelion of the comet is *outside* the orbit of the Earth and the Moon. How hot can Philae get? I never heard that exposure to the Sun on the surface of the Moon was a problem for the Apollo missions (although come to think of it there was a lot of crinkly golden Mylar involved...). As for Philae not being designed for sitting in the sunshine, I should think that was sine qua non for a solar-powered device...

In any case, I'm glad that the mission has been extended, and I'm looking forward to all the science data being written up in due course.

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