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Death is also a life event

Not mine, as obviously that won't be my problem to deal with - but having had to deal with one of these, the biggest problem isn't repeated information, it's "what am I supposed to do next?". Every time you think you're going to find an official step by step guide (and STFW is just as bad, if not worse) you are let down by the realisation that most of it is in fact covering all those weird exceptions that happened to one person once back in the 1600s.

It never had to be grand or complicated : These forms by those dates, here's a list of departments not on the 'tell us once' system, here's a printed flowchart thing so you know what happens next and how long you have to get it done. But no, instead the secret knowledge is not unlocked until you have completed the current level and suddenly you are back on a countdown clock again.

And don't get me started on solicitors and accountants failing to live up to reasonable expectations...

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