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If I understand you correctly, What you mean by "It won't just hurt my income, it is going to hurt everyone income large writers and small" Is that by changing how they divide the monthly pool of royalties, Amazon is going to pay everyone less?

Amazon is not shrinking the pool of royalties they are paying out. They are simply changing how they calculate each writer's share.

The reasoning behind my interpretation of your first post, IE that you pulled a Ratner, is as follows:

>The pool of royalties is consistent, and Amazon are now paying per page rather than per book

>IF this hurts your income then your "books" are very short (and you were gaming the system), and/or you don't expect people to read all of the pages (and you were gaming the system).

I have no quibbles with short stories, I quite enjoy a lot of them. If you are writing shorts, and are relying on them for income, then you need to be more prolific; bitching this change will hurt your income from 15 pages...

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