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It won't just hurt my income, it is going to hurt everyone income large writers and small. As for you making things up, I never sad that "as you believe them to be crap", that is your own word into my mouth, I am going to shovel you out of there right this moment. Since I don't take kindly to people claiming that I have sad something, when it is clear that I have not sad it.

You have not read my stories, so you can't criticise them. This are also just short stories, it takes a long time to write a good book and a complete stories due to all the details that must be right and to make sure that no holes are in the story as it is written. I am also just starting out as a writer, so it is going to take me a few years to build up a good collection of stories on Amazon and other ebook publishers if I want to.

Good story is not necessary based on page length, it is based on what is says and how the story is told. I doubt that you would understand such a detail, given on your behaviour here (that is to say, is sadly less then adequate for human communications).

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