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It IS applied to every book. That is: every book gotten under the subscription model.

This has nothing to do with buying an e-book from No Starch Press, or the like where you buy the book for $25. This applies to the programs where you pay $10/month for access to an entire catalog.

How it used to work: Amazon collected all the subscription fees into a pool, and divvied them out by how many times your book(s) got downloaded (and read past 10%).

How it will work: Amazon will collect all the subscription fees into a pool, and divvie them out by how many pages are read.

Before: Say Amazon had 1000 downloads in a month; if Writer A had 100 downloads of their 20-page pamphlet short story and people read past page 2, but not past page 3, they got 10% of the pool. Writer B, with 10 downloads of their very interesting and captivating 300 page book would get 1% of the pot.

Now: If Amazon Unlimited subscribers read 10000 pages this month, 200 of those pages (0.02%) are from Writer A, and 3000 pages (30%) are from Writer B.

The same pool is being distributed, but now it encourages good books, and does not penalize long books. This really could only be considered unfair if you are Writer A, pumping out crap with an interesting title and/or premise but not wasting time with spell checking, punctuation, or making it readable after the 10% mark.

Even writing short serials a la Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will still get you pages read, so would not be impacted by this.

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