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Amazon enrages authors as it switches to 'pay-per-page' model


cynical grumpy bastard comment

Amazon, big international conglomerate that *sort* of makes money, depending on which of their very expensive lawyers you ask.

Independent authors putting out books on service offered by Amazon.

Subscription service offered by Amazon has books from independent authors. Pays out based on "read".

Subscription service changes terms to based on pages read.

a) nothing says that "payout" in (a) = "payout" in (b)

b) nothing says that "the pool of money" that provides "payout" = "subscription fees collected"

Cynical bastard points out that Big International Conglomerates *DO NOT* do things to make their suppliers *richer* EVER. Any change is done to put more dollars in Big International Conglomerate's coffers.

Might it keep garbage producers from making too much money? possibly. Will it make decent independent authors more money? possibly. But I seriously doubt that it was done for this reason.

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