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As a writer publishing on Amazon

For me as a writer, this means only one thing. I won't allow renting of my ebooks on Amazon, since that is the publishing platform that I am using at the moment.

As for length of stories on the ebook platform. A study showed that shorter stories are better for digital devices then longer stories, since it appears that people don't like to stare for long period of time on a screen, since it tires them (or the eyes). This means for me that my books (120+ pages) have to come out in print (I will deal with that once I get at that time).

I can't find the link to that study, but I found this link about similar subject, it's interesting in my view.

Here are the two stories I have published so far. I know that DRM doesn't work so it's disabled on all of my ebooks.*Version*=1&*entries*=0 (UK link).*Version*=1&*entries*=0 (UK link)

If the links are not here they have been removed by a moderator. I price all my short stories around 3€.

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