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Well there are many aspects to screen quality, not just colour accuracy. But on phone screen colour accuracy, you're mistaken. I don't remember a Sony phone screen being lauded as super accurate. If you read the spec sheet you'd believe they were the best displays in the world. But "marketing" != "product quality".

Google these words: "anandtech samsung galaxy s6 review display". I know it's only one site, but these guys are among the best in my opinion. Look at the results graphs for the different handsets. Notice a theme? Go ahead and check out the Xperia Z1s and Z3 reviews, too..

Sony colour accurate? Not so much, no. Better than Sony/Samsung? Nope. And this is only colour accuracy/brightness. View your Sony phone screen slightly off centre.. Look at that rubbish! Also, see how the text seems to be sat below a thick pane of glass? Compare that to a Sammy, Apple or my Nokia 930. They look like the graphics are painted on the surface. That's good engineering, right there.

If you're into your photos then you should really switch to an Apple or Samsung phone (with the "auto-crap" turned off).

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