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Perhaps the technically illiterate know a bunch of stuff you don't know. When looking into Docker recently there are a whole crap ton of really huge glaring issues that should make the vast majority of companies run for the hills. They work for the big boys like Amazon, Google and Facebook because they have very smart people who are great at process. They will fail for everyone else for the same reasons that other technologies fail - lack of full understanding. Patching and compatibility are being ignored and dicker is touted as an easy way to package once, run anywhere. Containers can not and will not make incompatible versions compatible or stable. Patching those containers never gets talked about, neither does security within those containers, authentication and revocation of access. All of these things can be managed with containers, but the thing everyone is avoiding, the elephant in the room, is that it's actually harder than with virtual servers because of the lack of tooling!

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