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GCHQ didn't illegally spy on Brit NGOs, tribunal rules

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Anonymous Coward

What it really means....

"The Tribunal is satisfied that no use whatever was made by the intercepting agency [GCHQ] of any intercepted material, nor any record retained"

Meaning: We did collect it, we've just got so much of it, we can't read it all. Or more likely, we've read it and you can't prove it.

"and that the sixth claimant has not suffered material detriment, damage or prejudice as a result of the breach. In those circumstances, the Tribunal is satisfied that the foregoing open determination constitutes just satisfaction, so there will be no award of compensation."

Meaning: Hah! Watch me openly laugh in your face! Loser.

"Since no record was retained, there is no cause for ant order for destruction."

Meaning: Prove we read it bitches. You can't can you. Well...screw you then!

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