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Who else will protect free speech?

The US has the strongest free speech laws in the world and the American people believe in free speech pretty much like a religion. Remember that draw Mohamed thing in Dallas? Crazy... but in the US that is protected speech. Try to do that anywhere else in the world. Any other country in the world would ban that.

And even though the event was predictably attacked... still totally legal in the US to do that.

Look at the laws flowing through France that want to restrict speech and remove sites from the internet. Look at the laws flowing through Estonia wanting to do the same thing. Look at the laws flowing through Canada that want to censor things on the internet.

Is the US perfect? God no. But the internet is only as free as it is because the US made it that way. Give it to any other country and it will get censored. And give it to a conglomerate and all you'll do is let them censor the internet while claiming it was a group decision.

I know there is a lot of anti US stuff going around because the NSA and stupid politicians that should have retired 40 years ago. But the alternatives are worse. The US on the issue of internet freedom is as good as it gets. Name a nation better. It is either too weak to have the clout to face down more powerful nations or it doesn't have the near religious convictions of the US in regards to free speech... or both.

Practically every country besides the US wants to censor the internet. In the US, we have the First Amendment. And that means that politicians have to get a super majority to change the law. You're talking about 75 percent agreement. Which isn't happening.

Look at how hard they try to change the gun laws which are protected by the 2nd Amendment. Whatever you think about the guns, that isn't the point. The point is look at how resilient US Constitutional amendments are to political pressure. Big popular president like Obama comes in... democrats control both houses of congress... zero traction against guns. Nothing. Because they didn't have 75 percent.

So if you ACTUALLY want to protect free speech on the internet, keep the authority with the US. Wiser and cooler heads will tell you it is the best option.

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