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This new helium went into making new stars which fused hydrogen into helium, and helium into Lithium, then they went bang, ekcetera...

Actually, big stars only use a little bit of their hydrogen fuel because they can only use the hydrogen in their core. Unlike red dwarf stars - which don't supernova - bigger stars don't have convection occurring in their "mantles" that might bring fresh hydrogen to the core.

So bigger stars do produce helium in their core and distribute it when they supernova, and that makes the next generation of stars richer in heavier elements, but they still have a lot of left over hydrogen by the time they blow up. They redistribute a lot more hydrogen than heavy elements. As a result, the next generation of stars starts off burning hydrogen, too.

In fact, all stars start off as hydrogen burners. They have to exhaust the hydrogen in the core before they move on to more difficult fuels like helium.

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