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I'm no analyst fanboy, but of all the analyst firms, Gartner actually has the best grasp of cloud and what is real IMHO. For one, they actually use the different products in addition to talking to clients about their experiences. Try asking an IDC analyst about the last time they actually used a product they "analyze" and see them splutter.

OpenStack has some unique problems that are *not* shared by other cloud software due to the structure of the project and the intensely competitive vendors and many competing agendas. Proprietary software has the benefit of vision, focus and a coherent agenda that is utterly lacking in OpenStack, and software companies collecting money from customers actually care about and spend engineering time on things like the install and upgrade experience. With the open source model, this is the stuff that no-one wants to work on, so they don't, and you get the crappy OpenStack deployment and upgrade experience.

Your comment about how easy it is to set up shows that you haven't done it beyond a trivial case (just one server, perhaps?) Sure, there are good single node OpenStack installers. But how about a 100 node deployment? With virtual networking? And identity integration? With Swift? And some useful services? That's hard. Just ask anyone who has tried it or done it. You actually know less than the Gartner analyst you're trashing.

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