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There are 1.6 Billion muslims in the world co-existing quite happily in every corner of it as they have done for over a thousand years. You're so fixed on the idea that 'they are all bad' that you can't see the reality of the world in front of you.

Consider, even before the global catastrophe that is zionism, there were still Jewish communities living in Jerusalem one of the holiest places in Islam as they had done for centuries under islamic rule. So you have two possible reasons.

1. Muslims were so lazy about following those instructions you're so keen on that they didn't follow them through and 'cleanse' the region of jewish people and druze people etc.

2. Those religious instructions are perhaps related to extreme circumstances such as war and invasion (when pretty much every society changes its rules). Unsurprisingly, this is the standard explanation.

If you "learn" purely with the intention of proving your own pre-taught bigoted views then that isn't learning at all. You might as well sit there and google why black people are inferior to whites. It's time to grow up and use a bit more brain and a bit less 'the tv told me so'.

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