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Grumpy EU ministers agree shaky pact on new data protection law

Intractable Potsherd

How hard would it be ...

... to say that all data about an individual belongs to that individual, and use (defined as analysis and action based upon it) of that data can only be done:

a) Where the individual gives full and free informed consent

b) Where primary legislation allows for it (primary legislation so that it is debated openly in the legislature) or

c) Where a warrant obtained from one - or some situations, more than one - judge?

Seems straight-forward to me - just needs some moral backbone from our supposed representatives (OK, so the Council of Ministers here consists of each Member State's Minister for the Home or Justice Department, meaning that the likes of Twathead May are there, so the current "compromise" is completely expected). The European Parliament, though, are starting to realise that they do have real power, so maybe we can pin our hopes on them.

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