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What is really tragic is when someone from a cult religion makes you feel like a target of love, and it's only for recruitment, but of course, they are so brainwashed.

People overseas have the strange idea of Buddhism, I am, as anyone to seeing posts here long term will knowing, not so interesting I know, part Buddhist, part Christian, part pure physics.

What westerners don't know, is our post (and during) WWII cult factory has nothing to doing with true Buddhism. Soka Gakkai? It is a joke, praying for money. I gather it remains popular in the Uk. It does not represent true Buddhism in any form,

I had one or two friends from it, but they soon lose interest if you say 'sorry, I am not to be a convert.'

I think the worst is a cult called 真光 (true light, or pure light)。It has no real connection to any kind of Buddhism, but has a strange attraction to northern European women, its declared intnention is death for them.

The town is split, east of the tracks is a beautiful historical town at the foot of beautiful mountains, to the west is their ugly temple, if they are having one of their gatherings, there is nowhere to stay. I was very pleased to hear the receptionist at the hotel where I finally got an overpriced room pronouncing the name of the cult as a curse.

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