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I would add statistical factors, the bell-curve is much narrower for girls, at both the moron and genius ends, the tails are much longer for the boys.

A Hawkins now, before his syndrome came into play, would be thrown into the tip 'boys are bad' and throwx on that category, that it is what education is now designed to do, instead of learning his spoken language, mathematics and physics, he would be subjected to a curriculum consisting of strange propaganda, never have made any of his achievements in theory.

My hypothetical examination question below typifies the trends in 'education'.

The questions are for a quite realstic 'physics' test.

Here we go, the test.

'Sir Isaac Newton is credited with the co-invention of differential calculus and the inverse-square law in gravity'.

In from fifty to one hundred words, explain how

A. Isaac Newton was simply relying on earlier and superior Islamic sources.

B. Newton's deductions, if valid, were a pure expression of the patriarchal order of his times. With rockets, we know that what goes up doesn't always come down. Present a cogent feminist essay on the role of the phallus in the thought of Newton.

C. Newton had secret contact with sages from ancient India, by learning levitation from them, he grew to understand gravity. Write about his learning processes.

D. Write about a computer program you would like to imagine Ada Countess Lovelace may like to have written to embody any theory of Newtom. The code doesn't have to work, impmressionistic descriptions are fine, after all, if you end up in that world, the boys will write it for you IF you cannot, but if you take this question, you get bonus for reactions on Twitter and Facebook (you did know accounts on both sites were compulsory when you enrolled?)

Etc. That is an exaggeration, but close to the truth, I am happy that the feminist bullies only affected me in one or two subjects at late high school, none at uni.

I am aware that many women are good coders. I am just commenting, and clearly, most westernwomen, even if they have the nous for programming, chemistry, maths, physics, almost always choose

the bullshit courses, leading to a highly paid job talking crap in broadcasting, bureaucrat, or law.

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