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Re: Does anyone else think Win10 is a privacy nightmare?

I'm pretty sure that @david 132 means, "privacy nightmare relative to other Windows".

Correct. I should have made that clearer. And yes, I know Windows 7 isn't spotless in this regard, but what irked me (and prompted my rant above) is that EVERY. SINGLE. OPTION. in Windows 10 seems to be geared towards "tell us about everything you do". The "predictive browsing", for example, which is described as - paraphrasing - "To predict which web-pages you'll want to view and pre-load them for you, details of your browsing habits will be sent to Microsoft". Is that not the least-privacy-friendly and most intrusive way to accomplish the goal? Why not do it locally? "Oh, every day for the last 3 weeks he reads then goes to, so I will pre-load the latter while he's reading the former"?

And it's not as if this related to it being a public beta; as far as I can tell, these are the standard options that every user will face. If the options were prefaced with something like "Because this is a preview, we need to collect as much information about how you use this OS as possible." that would be different.

Oh, and on that topic; the "feedback" tool only works if you sign into Windows with your MSDN/Windows Insider cloud login. I don't; I always use a local account to sign in (because I don't see any advantages to giving MS & the NSA/GCHQ/whoever my username and password). So I can't submit any feedback on Windows 10. Ergo, Microsoft are excluding the voices of people like me who are concerned about privacy, and (arguably?) have valid points. When they release Windows 10 and people complain about the pervasive snooping, they will look around, bemused, and say "But no-one gave us any negative feedback about this during the beta phase..."


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