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Apple extends idiot-tax operation, makes devs pay to fix Safari snafus

SImon Hobson Silver badge

> This just feels like a huge kick in the face from Apple

As far as I can tell, that's normal if you deal with them. I've seen a few businesses where they've been doing OK, then Apple pulls the rug out. In some cases it's because Apple have seen that they've got a nice little market and release their own product (often bundled so all users get it which means few will buy anything else), or in the latest case (which applies to a piece of software I use) they've just dropped sync services from the OS because "everyone uses iCloud".

Well I'm not ****ing using iCloud, and it's a right ****ing PITA trying to sort out alternatives for what the one piece of software used to do. The vendor has been forced to drop their main products.

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