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To be fair we celebrate Dunkirk as if it was a victory


This is besides the fact of UK history book carefully erased the fact that the Dunkirk evacuation was possible only because one acting Brigadier General named de Gaulle counterattack at Abbeville. So the Germans could not advance on Dunkirk without opening their flanks and inviting themselves into a nice pocket.

I am going to leave the fact that allies (including British 1st armoured division) actually _WON_ the battle of Abbevile, however, instead of using their first win in WW2 (by breaking out of the Dunkirk pocket and counterattacking) the British retreated across the channel.

The Dunkirk "great military achievement" should share the same "wall of shame" with the whole home fleet chasing one pocket battleship (and losing a capital ship in the process), allowing the channel run and withdrawing a whole fleet group including multiple heavy cruisers, ship of the line and an aircraft carrier and running away as fast as their engines can deliver after deciphering an Enigma order for the other pocket battleship to attack the PQ17.

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