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If the girls self-censor then its often due to the influence of their own female peers, not any male teen.

But your argument indicates that he is correct and if self-sex schools make girls succeed then self-sex labs would do the same as well.

Incidentally the trivialisation of sexist bigots by yourself

'It's extremely tedious to get the same old 'feminazi' comments when women protest against a few examples from one man's life being used (by him) as a 'silly girls' generalisation'

Makes me wonder how you would react to the reverse and if you would find that trivial?

The 'confusion a lot of women seem to have is 'what is a woman' and how they feel compelled by other women to behave in a particular manner no matter what they wish. The classic example is the woman who finds her female friends for not be enough of a feminist (or for being too much of one). If women stopped judging each other and allowed women to live in the manner of their own choosing then women might have a better time.

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