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Not to mention the women who do get reasonable degrees drop out of the field as soon as they have a kid, leading to shortages of professionals in the industry (ex: doctors).

The reason why the education system and everything else favours women and girls at the expense of men and boys is because they constitute over 50% of the voters. Considering democracy is a system that imposes the wishes of the many on the few, and considering how women consistently vote in favour of security at the expense of personal liberty, we really were screwed the minute we gave them the vote.

As for equality, women only want it when they can reap the benefits without assuming any of the responsibilities (think white collar jobs), not when it comes to taking a shell for their country, or when it comes to fixing the sewer.

Of course, when I say women, I DO NOT mean your girl next door who has a STEM degree, is the field boss at a construction site, and raises 3 kids at home all by herself. She would be the exception, not the norm. And before you ask, I am adequately endowed and do not live in my mother's basement.

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