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what does 'the same gender' mean?

As I type, the lez couple above my tiny flat are doing their usual act of stamping about late at night.

I suppose the mannish one I have never seen may be defined as a different 'gender', but I will get downvotes galore by reference to 'gender' as a grammatical thing in most languages.

Sorry, no matter how hard you try to imagime, or how harsh the surgical interventions, biological sex generally trumps so-called 'gender'. Of course, sexual preference adds another level.

'Gender'as used by the PC crowd, is a nonsensical formulation.

I speak as one who is a little admired dressing as a woman, but having enjoyed many x-y years, would never say 'I am really a woman'.

Truly, that phenomenon is nonsense, Jenner included. He would never have won the decathlon with a record score if he had really been a woman.

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