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Girls do better at boys in school, up to a certain age. It then appears that girls self-censor or restrict themselves, either int he face of male hostility at female success, or because their lifelong understanding of male importance makes them back off. The general response is 'we must work harder to make sure boys aren't disadvantaged'. Why don't we accept that there are differences in potential AND ability and let the girls forge ahead? Teach boys to step back when a girl is doing better?

It's extremely tedious to get the same old 'feminazi' comments when women protest against a few examples from one man's life being used (by him) as a 'silly girls' generalisation. And people wonder why so few women go into IT. I keep thinking I am used to it, and then it comes foaming out again at new stories like this and I have to climb into the armour again as my colleagues try to get me to back-mouth other women over a single incident.

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