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Dan Paul

Political correctness taken to an extreme

Unfortunately, the PC police are taking everything to an extreme these days. There is no room for individual thoughts or comments because everything is being examined for "non conformity" with the groupthink message that some believe must be obeyed "or else". You can't even offer an opinion without offending at least one overly sensitive party these days. People my age don't care much anymore, if you don't like the opinion, then read between the lines. The truth may hurt, but it is still the truth regardless.

Unrequited love certainly comes in different forms but the upshot is that it is quite distracting for at least one of the involved parties and that affects the research being done.

You can't really treat women as equals with men as they will still pull out the "weaker sex" card when they don't like what's being demanded of them. Firefighters, Military and Police and other first responder jobs don't allow that game to be played nearly as much, while Office jobs still do.

The fact is that you still shouldn't consider any "relationship" at work unless one of you leaves.

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