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Is that a graphics driver on your shop's register – or a RAM-slurping bank card thief?

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Re: Is XP end of life yet? Not in the PoS edition it isn't.

If you can back up you claim of 80% usage then you have somewhat valid points.

I'm working in fast food industry and with thousands of POS systems. We still have some Windows98 systems, and plenty of XP Pro, WEPOS and Windows 7 systems. (The last few Win95 systems were retired last year or so. Can't say I miss those Pentium MMX systems... :-)

The scales are already tipped to the Win7 since the business is expanding and old systems are updated when they break or the shop is renovated.

PosReady 2009 (XP) you are referring to is supported until 2019 but it didn't really offer anything new over WEPOS and I believe (don't know for sure) most businesses skipped it since people like to KISS. WEPOS is of course still supported until next year.

The POS systems I administer are not actually updated at all, and the EOL date for XP didn't concern us one bit. It was actually some 3rd party software libraries for EMV payment processing that required us to replace the Win95 systems. POS systems are expensive so old systems aren't replaced on a whim.

This Beardsley bloke may have some fair generic points to make but he may not be the "expert" he would like us to think he is.

The POS registry hack doesn't fix everything and I can't recommend it anyway.

Check the comments for the article you referenced, especially this well articulated one:

'The other issue is that the patches (a) will not cover XP components that aren't in the embedded OS, (b) may or may not work in any event. The result of this could be the worst possible scenario from a security standpoint: an insecure machine that customers mistakenly believe IS secure and trusted. "The only thing worse than no security is false security", and all that.'

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