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>> If someone who doesn't understand the internet is told a lie by someone he trusts to know everything, then the lie becomes fact, doesn't it?

How does the saying go - Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Imagine - I buy a restaurant and Jamie O is the chef. 5 customers are poisoned by bad food and he said "These things just happen, not my fault, but don't worry I'll make sure it never happens again. How about I don't charge you for next Sundays work". I might accept that, but the second or third time in as many months and I'd no longer accept the story, regardless of how little I know about catering. At the very least, I'd find out whether all owners just have to put up with customers going face-down in the dessert bowls.

I'm unsure as to why common sense, that people apply to all other walks of life seems to go out of the window when dealing with IT.

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