Reply to post: Is XP end of life yet? Not in the PoS edition it isn't.

Is that a graphics driver on your shop's register – or a RAM-slurping bank card thief?

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Is XP end of life yet? Not in the PoS edition it isn't.

"POSes have several strikes against them. They are often running on out-of-date, unpatched platforms (such as Windows XP)"


Who can remind this gentleman what the End of Support date is for Windows XP Point of Sale Edition, which is perhaps the obvious Windows XP for use in a PoS device (used in ~80% of PoS systems, I've heard)? Hint: it hasn't happened yet. Try 2019.

There even seems to be a one-word registry edit in widespread circulation since just over a year ago which turns your ordinary XP into POS XP from the point of view of continuing to get the updates:

This Beardsley bloke may have some fair generic points to make but he may not be the "expert" he would like us to think he is.

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