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Music Video Channels please not just audio !

This does not excite me at all, even though I'm fully bought into the apple eco system, with 5 iphones, 5 iPads, 3 macbooks, 4 apple tvs etc for our small family.

What I really want and would be happy to pay for, would be for multiple hd music video channels with surround sound, sky beacause of their obsession with football wasting literally billions on this, provide awful music oriented channels, poor quality only 1 hd channel and worst of all constant highly irritating advert breaks, this realy makes me hate sky, especially after paying them £120 per month for 3 multiroom hd service. You tube is a pain in the arse to watch for music constant searching required and often the quality is appalling, their paid for service which they have been talking hot air about for ages, is still not available in the uk! Also I buy lots of music videos on itunes, what surprises me is how limited the choice is there, with big hits often not available.

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