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It would be nice if it could cache a few days' worth so you could load it up on wifi and have it play when you're on vacation without needing cellular data or when out of cellular range

Errr..... That's why you load up itunes (purchased or ripped from CD) on your iPhone/iPad/iPod with your songs before you go on holiday. Saves a packet in Data charges.

My iPod Touch(circa 2009) was loaded with a good part of my music collection before I went on a 3 week trip to the US. Large parts of the Western states have no mobile coverage let alone half decent 3G let alone 4G services expecially if you are on T-Mobile so an MP3 player is the only way to go.

Frankly I don't see the point of streaming services. First you have to pay for the stream then you have to pay your mobile company for the data it graciously lets you recieve. But hey, each to their own though.

I fully expect one (or more) wags to be along soon predicting that the advent of Apple Music will allow Apple to reduce the amount of storage on their iDevcies thus boosting their H/W profits even more. The 9Gb iPhone is not a thinkg of the past folks!

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