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Thanks for responding to my comment.

In part I do agree with your point, social judgement and laws can serve to restrain negative behaviours, but the remote nature of interaction within the dark net does significantly limit these threats you mention, whether it is SS or the guy in the pub, both are going to find it difficult to commit physical violence against me, when my only integration is through anonymised internet contact.

Now I do see a flaw in my argument here, and that is that the methodology of the evil man or woman could adapt to the remote nature of the dark net to achieve intimidation, however that fundamentally undermines the capitalist model that the dark net has built, and then people would just not use it. Imagine a high street retail outlet that used threats and intimidation of violence to force people to purchase their goods, even if they did not have to worry about the rule of law, they would still go out of business as people would simply avoid that shop. It’s the same with the capitalist model of the dark net. If your customer base walks away, you have no model.

Furthermore the number of people in prison or on death row, belies the complete effectiveness of laws to moderate behaviour. I am not promoting lawlessness, far from it, however it is interesting that an environment like the dark net has managed to thrive without the imposition of laws and regulation.

I suspect that society at large would not have a problem if I chose to smoke cannabis in the privacy of my own home (if that were my particular taste), but they will probably be less happy, when to obtain the cannabis, I have to go to a drug dealer working from a street corner, due to the negative impact that drug dealing has on a local community. However when this can be procured from a high quality e-commerce site, the only injured party is arguably the Exchequer, due to the lack of duty being paid on the transaction.

Safety through capitalism. Now I know this sounds a bit odd, but please remember that the Council of Europe formed in 1949 (a precursor to the European free market) was created specifically as a method to prevent future European wars after WW2, through closer economic integration of nations. Is the dark net not just following this model of commercialism?

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