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Camgirls, crypto currency and beer: The Register tours the Dark Net

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Very interesting

I found this video fascinating, and has prompted a long debate in my house about the sociological, economic and political impacts of this organic, unregulated space we call the dark web. On one hand we have the free market models that appear to be thriving unhindered by regulations, compliance obligations and government economic policies, which in many ways appears to be the purest form of capitalism I can think of, and on the other hand we see the appetites of society (or a subset thereof) when liberated through the anonymity of tools such as ToR and VPN. It’s a very interesting blend of capitalism and liberalism.

Examining the dark web from a sociological point of view seems to suggest that when anonymised i.e. free to express without judgement, our laws as they relate to drugs, privacy and sex may not be aligned with the needs of our society. Does this suggest that culture and convention are limiting our behaviours? Much like Jamie Bartlett, I am cannot decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

One thing I am sure of is that examination on these complex subjects is something that should happen more and Jamie certainly has promoted those debates in my house.

I do find it interesting that I have also chose to post this anonymously. Maybe that says something about my need for privacy or my concern about judgement.

Great video, I look forward to reading the book.

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