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DARPA unTerminators gather for Robotics Challenge finals in Hell*

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I can understand why some wouldn't work with DARPA, I see restrictions in FOSS all the time. It makes it interesting to figure out what you can use, matching it to project, and provide the software glue that you to replace that which is restricted.

The article is misleading in that most of those tasks are skills used in combat by real infantrymen, right down to going through walls rather than around. "Around" can get you killed if a building is surrounded and under fire. Ditto rubble, etc.

I wonder if any of them are using the devices that have come about to detect human beings through obstructions. Little used yet (should have been rushed to Nepal), but also relevant for combat. As for power, screw the battery or at least reduce it some. Tack in a mini gas turbine generator, works great, lasts long time, and you can run it on pretty much any fuel around that's liquid. [I've worked on them before. Impressive beasts. And very quiet in low power regimes.]

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