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"The bits of your post that instantly stuck in my memory are: clueless, ignorance and bliss..."

You missed the irony about them posting AC while supporting state surveillance in the first place.

"Do you seriously believe that the NSA (or whatever agency), if they get a whiff of a 'non-terrorist-esque' planned actual crime actually pick up the jellybone and call the relevant sheriff so that he/she can miraculously 'prevent' it happening?"

Actually where the DEA were concerned they did, as some of the Snowden documents show. Unfortunately that meant the DEA had to falsify the source. Which has given them some issue with some of the convictions.

So just to be clear with complete access to all US phone records (and IIRC conversations on demand) the DEA still could not win "The War on Drugs" (TM).

Total surveillance to end all crime.

I think not.

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