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Right, let me get this right.

Because you haven't heard of any government agency using their legal/illegally intel on anyone, that means everything is just dandy?

A couple of points to consider (and please share your thoughts on them):

- if (insert name of agency) had used their info to 'influence' someones decision making (or blackmail them), the agency or individual are fairly unlikely to take an ad out in the press to tell us or scribble about it on their blog dontcha think?

- if an agency did use the gathered info (heaven forbid), wouldn't it diminish their (rightfully) stealth capabilities if EVERYONE NEW ABOUT IT??? Which may explain why they are all a tad miffed about Mr Snowden

- Regardless of what laws are enacted in (insert name of country), how can Joe or Jane Doe actually check what info agencies are gathering on themselves and keep an eyeball on who they share it with and what they do with it?

A final question for you: do you 100% trust the relevant agencies to never share info about you, your sexual proclivities, gambling/drinking habits, the not so good bits of your work history, who you may owe money or a favour to WITH ANYONE THEY F'ING WELL LIKE IF IT SUITS THEM??

Because I sure as hell don't, and I never will...

Thanks for contributing btw.



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