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Intel adopts 40Gb per SECOND USB-C plug for Thunderbolt 3.0

Tyson Key

Unlike ChunderBolt (which was a brilliant idea, until Intel crippled it by deciding to gouge people in licensing fees, in order to access the specs detailing the Secret Sauce that they added to garden-variety DisplayPort, and PCI Express); USB's "non-proprietary", or "open", in the sense that anyone can obtain the specs for it for no-charge, without signing an NDA, or otherwise having to register; in order to develop drivers (and probably host interface controllers).

However, if you want to actually manufacture a slave device (i.e. a peripheral), you've got to pay the price of a small car to reserve a non-transferrable Vendor ID, and a block of Product IDs - unless you're doing a small run of something like a USB-to-RS-232 converter, or something else based on throwing a fancy case on a generic reference design (in which case, some vendors will let you share their VID/PIDs, under certain conditions, like not using it with competitive chipsets).

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