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Thunderbolt never took off, eh

"Thunderbolt has always been fast, and has the nifty trick of connecting peripherals, carrying data and bringing video to monitors over a single cable — but it never took off."

No shit Sherlock. The only mainstream manufacturer using thunderbolt is Apple. They've been putting on their consumer gear since 2011, and only on their, ahem, pro gear since early 2014 (yes, I know the mac pro was released late 2013, but nobody could get hold of one until 2014)

You can pick up a 1TB usb spinning drive for, i dunno, going by the prices here in Swtzerland, for around £50. An equivalent thunderbolt drive would be topping £300, and that would still be spinning rust at it's heart. No consumer is going to go for the thunderbolt alternative. In fact I believe the vast majority of pro users would also baulk at the cost of TB preipherals, with perhaps the exception being RAID storage.

It was, still is, a damned good interface, but ruined by price gouging and licensing costs. I have 3 macs with Thunderbolt interfaces and never once has a thunderbolt device graced the appropriate orifices.

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