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Yes, Cisco do like to tout those "#1 worldwide" figures and I've no idea why. I first heard that from them in around 2011 by which point the product had only been around for a couple of years.

Cisco are #2 worldwide on blades because of a relatively strong showing in the USA. If you remove the USA from the numbers or if you look at all servers (rack/tower/blade etc) then those figures take an absolute hammering. Which is all understandable as they're a big USA company and they focus on blades. I'm not saying you should discount the achievement of getting to #2 worldwide in blades in just 5-6 years, but like all marketing, take it with a pinch of salt.

I've not seen any FY15 market share figures but based on past years and what I've seen in the past year I'd expect worldwide server market share to be:

1) HP

2) Dell

3) IBM (yes, still up here but probably for the last time)

4) Probably Lenovo because of Chinese market and IBM acquisition

5) Cisco

Below that top 5 you'll probably see Fujitsu and Oracle below that and then we devolve into "others" (who typically hold nearly 50% of the market but fragmented all over the place).

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