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Also, would it be too much to ask for this IoT crap to be IPv6 compliant from day one? I want to be able to get on the Internet, for any purpose, without finding I've been NATed back to the stone age because all the IPv4 addresses are in use by lawnmowers!

I think it would be better to have IoT devices run a non-routable protocol. It would seem to make more sense to have them all report to a local control device or server than to have to open a port in your home firewall (as if consumers are going to grasp this concept) for every stereophonic light bulb and smart toilet in our personal chateaus. Yes, this may provide a single point of failure for at least a class of devices in our homes, perhaps assuming that devices involving security are controlled by separate systems than entertainment and similar, but also provides for a much smaller attack surface.

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