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Bluetooth. Security

I've had one (1) and ONLY one bluetooth headset that permitted one to alter the default 0000 pin for pairing. And I've killed far more than my fair share of bluetooth headsets. (it required plugging the headset into a pc with usb cable, firing up a small binary - which worked in wine - to modify the security code) - My phone never advertises and I have it set to ask on all connections. My laptop never advertises and asks for a pin for all connections. My gaming rig, I pull the bluetooth when I'm not using it.

I'm continually stunned at the office, if I do scan to pair with the laptop (my headset or the horrid control panel for our VConference suite) at the number of bluetooth devices I can see that are set without security. At a guess I'd say that 30% of the phones and laptops are blathering their identities to the world.

What is even more astonishing is the number of these (active bluetooth) phone's owners that have no clue what the thing draped around my neck is - or how it works,

And I'm in a tech aware office.


Somehow this article falls into the category of .....

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